Financial Planning Services

What is your vision for your life? Our clients each have unique needs, goals, and priorities. We take time to learn about you and your values so the work we do together supports the ideals and dreams you find most important, no matter your stage of life. Our focus is on helping you create and execute a customized plan to achieve your personal financial goals. We will work with you to reality test your goals, to acknowledge the best allocation of resources, and to move you forward into your financial future.You can choose to create a comprehensive financial plan or to let us help you with specific elements of your financial needs based on your current priorities. We tailor our services to what you need most.

We are a fee only financial planning firm. That means we give our clients independent financial advice and do not work on commission or receive referral fees from companies that sell financial products. We are paid fees directly by you, our client, for services rendered, never products purchased. When our clients succeed, so do we.

Education and Retirement Planning

Two of the most significant financial considerations you will face in your lifetime are planning for your retirement and saving for your children’s education. We recognize the importance and can help you accomplish both.

How much money do you need to live the retirement life you envision? How do you want to spend your time in retirement? We will work with you to map the route to help you get there and help you identify and avoid obstacles along the way. We look for investment options that meet your personal investment philosophy, investment horizon, and risk tolerance, whether inside your employer-sponsored retirement and deferred compensation benefits, or through the creation of other retirement accounts. We can also assist you with navigating the confusion of Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Student loan debt can financially cripple families and young people not prepared to face the ever-increasing cost of higher education. Let us help you determine college costs and create a custom savings strategy for your young family members, so they are poised to achieve their own financial success upon graduation. For those clients now repaying student loans, we help you identify and evaluate refinancing options that may be advantageous to your financial health.

Budget and Cash Flow Planning

Should you pay cash or borrow? Spend now or save for later? Everyone has different financial priorities and spending habits. We help you analyze your spending habits in light of your priorities, evaluate cash flow, and create a personalized plan to help you achieve your financial goals. We will look for ways to maximize your income and reduce your expenses, in order to develop a single, coordinated financial strategy that matches your priorities.

Wealth Management

A robust and growing portfolio can give you freedom to pursue your dreams. We provide ongoing wealth management services andare here to help you navigate significant life transitions, such as job changes, divorce, or the loss of a loved one. We strive to get to know you, and then apply research, insight, and experience to create an exceptional, personalized plan to achieve your objectives.

Tax and Estate Planning

After spending your life building your estate, you want your end-of-life and wealth-distribution decisions to be realized.We work with you to develop a comprehensive estate plan that respects and fulfills your wishes when you pass away. We can help you navigate, evaluate, and coordinate the many options for wills, living wills, powers of attorney, trusts, lifetime gifting and charitable giving—all with an eye on maximizing your ability to give while minimizing tax liability for your estate and your heirs.We help identify and work directly with your estate planning attorney to make certain all documents flow seamlessly with your financial plan. We gladly work with attorneys with whom our clients have existing relationships, or we can facilitate new relationships.

Risk Management Planning

Don’t let a catastrophic event keep you from financial success. While you may focus a lot of attention on building and growing your estate, if you are like most people, you probably spend considerably less time and effort protecting it from factors beyond your control. Having the proper blend of insurance coverage can help you manage risk and safeguard your assets from unemployment, illness, or other unplanned events. Whether you need to enhance property and casualty coverage, reassess your life insurance needs, or plan for long-term care, we help you evaluate your risks and determine risk-appropriate coverage to protect your assets and provide financial peace for you and your loved ones.