Traditional Divorce Services

For most people, going through divorce litigation is a traumatic and chaotic experience. In addition to navigating all the stress and emotions, you need to address the often confusing and complex financial elements of decision-making and post-divorce living. The financial decisions you make during your divorce can substantially impact your future financial health.

As an aligned financial professional, Cheryl Panther partners with you and your attorney to make certain the financial discovery process encompasses all of the information needed to identify marital and separate property, as well as the martial lifestyle. Knowledge is empowering and instrumental to good decision-making. Ms. Panther educates clients and their attorneys to understand the financial and tax consequences of settlement options with her thoughtful and thorough analyses.

Ms. Panther often attends mediation with clients and their attorneys so that the financial and tax consequences of settlement proposals can be evaluated in real-time, thus eliminating post-divorce financial and tax “surprises” and unintended financial consequences. She creates reports and analyses that are helpful to her client, her client’s attorney, and to the mediator in facilitating the agreement.

While more than 90% of divorce cases settle before going to court, Ms. Panther also provides her clients and their attorneys with expert witness testimony when needed. Clear, concise schedules that accurately reflect marital and separate property, marital lifestyle, and post-divorce living,and address the tax consequences thereof, can be a compelling part of your divorce trial. Ms. Panther also provides forensic accounting services where needed to address financial facts related to certain legal elements such as dissipation of assets or to identify income and expenses related to a business. Having a CPA as part of your team can be a very powerful advantage in presenting evidence to the judge who will decide the financial outcome of your family law matter.

Ms. Panther often works with aligned clients post-divorce in implementing the financial aspects of their divorce settlement and with living into the economic realities of a post-divorce lifestyle. This “soft landing” with the support of a qualified financial professional can help the transition seem less daunting for clients. Education and logistical support help clients feel empowered to look toward their financial future.